Ana Mosquera is a multidisciplinary artist from Caracas, Venezuela, she is currently based in Philadelphia, USA where she obtained her MFA in Sculpture at Tyler School of Art. She originally studied Photography and Media Arts at University College of Arts, (UK,2005) and Architecture at Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela, 2015). She holds the 2016 National Prize for young artists awarded by the Museum of Contemporary Art Zulia. Her most recent exhibitions include: Crónicas Migrantes. Historias comunes entre Perú y Venezuela Museum of Contemporary Art Lima (2019) Forward: Consciousness of Migration exhibition, Maputo Fast Forward Mozambique (2019).


My work operates from the intersection of Architecture and Information Design. My practice engages with technology to create new processes that complicate our daily use and narrative of digital data. I am mostly interested in digital data created by specific communities on social networks and what stories they can tell us. For this purpose I manually collect and compile databases, in a process which requires the organization, synthesis and correlation of information without automated processes. I use the databases to create maps and diagrams mostly over textile surfaces. This allows me to organize and make sense of specific digital experiences, as well as explore the relationship between digital and physical places.


Station D: Deception Island

Ana Mosquera


An island is a space of perpetual transformation, the result of a struggle between the sea and the land. As a place, it is immersed in the tireless process of entering and leaving existence. 


Station D: Deception Island is a manufactured micronation that you can access by scanning the provided QR code. There, you will find an inventory of citizenships for rent, and you will also be able to lease out your own citizenship. This digital system of renting and leasing is understood as the economic system of the island. 


If limits, borders  and concrete territories define the nature of a nation-state, then a portable, transformable and manufactured territory confronts it.

Lease your citizenship today!