Born and raised in New Mexico, Jazmyn Crosby is currently living in Philadelphia and received her MFA from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. She got her BFA from the University of New Mexico, and attended the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and The Academy of Art Architecture and Design in the Czech Republic. She has worked as an educator and an event facilitator, creates music under the name Glitter Vomit, and is a founding member of Graft Gallery/Collective.


There is no such thing as telepathy, or a perfect way to articulate the nuanced experience of one's life, yet the desire to try is overwhelming. I am mesmerized by communication and the tools that make communications possible. I am particularly interested in the moments where connection fails; when there is a typo/auto correction in a text message or a frozen picture of a loved one on a Zoom call. These are moments when the distances, both cognitive and physical become exaggerated. I have a particular interest in the transmission of voice, often performing characters like Siri, Alexa, a robocaller, a YouTuber, or a call waiting line. Assuming the playful affect of a prank caller allows me to infiltrate networks and challenge them. It is a speculative moment where new narratives and modes of connection can be articulated. 


Using a stabilization camera last winter in preparation for the spring Testing Grounds exhibition's original spring date, I recorded the video for Staggered Paths: a guided walking tour, in the time before COVID happened and the exhibition was moved to this fall. Now, the video documentation feels eerie and the pace of the world feels different. This video is a time capsule of the time before COVID, but the audio has been recorded during the Pandemic. Thus the tour will be staggered, a little out of sync with itself. This guided tour will aim to probe at these gaps. Participants are encouraged to use my voice and the video as a map of the Cherry Street Pier and the adjoining Race Street Pier. 


You might also hear my voice on the loudspeaker throughout the month.


Staggered Paths: A Walking Tour of Cherry Street Pier and Race Street Pier

Jazmyn Crosby

Augmented reality tour


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Using the Same Words to Speak Different Languages

Jazmyn Crosby

Audio recordings