Kayla Bobalek, Julia Bryck and Maddie Hopfield met through the Bard College Dance Department. Throughout college they took classes together and worked on projects collaboratively and independently. After graduating, they moved to Philadelphia. They are active members of local dance communities such as Urban Movement Arts, Thinking Dance, and Mascher Space Cooperative.


The last time we were all in the studio together was in February 2020. At first we thought our rehearsals would be on pause for a couple weeks. We stayed at home, we let our bodies rest, we didn’t look at our notebooks or talk about our practice. We grieved and we waited.


In the coming months, we watched others innovating their work, bringing their practices to screens Watching garbled performances, taking classes at a distance, squinting into our phones and still applauding our friends and peers for their commitment, their ability to push through the dissonance of bringing such an embodied form to an alienated landscape. And still we waited.


When we finally returned to the studio in August, it was like being let out for recess. We arrived with costumes, makeup, a handheld video stabilizer for iPhones, and a profound lack of preconceived ideas. Instead of attempting to create a thru-line between our previous work and the pandemic present, we just played. Seriously, collaboratively, continuously.


We hope the final product shares our joy and the playfulness we experienced both in the studio and in the process of editing.

And Eat It Too (I always do the dishes right on time)

Kayla Bobalek + Julia Bryck + Maddie Hopfield

Digital video
14:03 minutes