Riley Strom (b. 1991, Los Angeles, CA) is a painter based in Philadelphia, PA. She received an MFA in Painting this spring from Tyler School of Art and Architecture and a BFA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2013. Through her practice she investigates the relationship between image and lived experience by means of figuration and abstraction.


I spend a lot of time thinking about the relationship between an image and the world it represents. How can a still image contain the complexity of a lived experience? I want to communicate the sense of energy, motion, growth, and time that exists in live things. This concept dictates the composition, color, speed, and gesture in my work.


I make the paintings from drawings of my own dreams and experiences, stories I’ve heard, found photographs, or other paintings. In the process of making, the image either remains central and intact, or the becomes enveloped and obscured by the material. The paintings dip in and out of representation, figuration, and abstraction. I use image as a framework to experiment with paint as a material, and to investigate the relationship between illusionistic image and physical reality.


In Soup

Oil on Canvas

65” x 84”




Oil on Canvas

48” x 36”




Oil on Canvas

36” x 36”